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The Divine Mentor (softcover)

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Do You Have a Sacred Enclosure Around the Roots of Your Soul? Think about what you deal with daily. Maybe you suffer the wear and tear of long commutes and even longer work days. Or you find yourself juggling endless e-mails, phone calls, and text messages.

Noise. Chatter. Crowds. Politics. Talk radio. Television. Bills. Worries. Responsibilities. Deadlines. Endless chores. Demanding children. Relational bruises.

Life wears on us. We can't evade most of it, and that's not really the solution anyway. What we need to do is protect the most important part of us ... that deep down, soulish part of life that links us with our Creator.

In The Divine Mentor, you will discover how to enjoy a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God as you learn to hear Him speak daily through the Bible. You'll embark on an adventure that will introduce you to His handpicked mentors, men and women who may save your health, your marriage, your ministry, and your future.

Wayne Cordeiro challenges you to develop a lifelong habit--the one thing Jesus says is truly necessary--that will preserve your soul, establish your legacy, and hold God's Living Word inside you.

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Life Changing
Mersadies (Fairbanks, AK) 10/20/2011 10:15 AM
Our youth staff was assigned to read this just a few months ago, I started reading it and after the first chapter I felt a call to a great life placed on myself. I've been a Youth staff for a few years (I'm 21) and have struggled with daily devotional time with God since i accepted Christ at 9. I would read the bible as my "good christian" duty for a few weeks, maybe even a whole month, then something would happen (vacations, rough day..) and i would stop and wouldnt read again for months, sometimes years. I picked up this book and all of a sudden I have a passion and desire to read God's word. Its not longer a duty, but a DESIRE. God wants to have breakfast with me and tuck me into my covers at night, He WANTS to be apart of my every waking and sleeping moment! The words in this book were used by God to spark LIFE into me. My students and I have been digging deeper into Christ, and I know God is doing something in my students, but i dont want it to end with them, i want it to involve ME. I want to step up to the calling i've been given and LIVE MY LIFE WORTHY OF THE CALLING I HAVE RECIEVED. Thank you Wayne for sitting with me and showing me how to seek after Christ. and Thank you for following God's will for your own life so that years later I could find hope and a guide for following Him myself. This book changed and developed my devotional time, which in turn has changed my life.
Robin Wood (Modesto, CA) 7/4/2010 8:11 AM
I am a lay professional with a heart for discipleship. My passion is in the area of Biblical literacy and and in the area of Biblical World View.I honestly believe that these two issues are the answer to effectiveness in our daily walks with Christ. This is what I teach and this is what I see effecting our western culture. Saturation with God's Word in a systematic fashion that exposes us regularly to the "Whole counsel of God" (all scripture) is the remedy to Biblical illiteracy and a secular world view. We must give The Holy Spirit something to be to work with and to draw from or we will experience a walk with Christ that is largely emotion driven. After nearly forty years of faithfully walking with Christ, I have read the Old and New Testament cover to cover yearly over thirty five times. I have read no book that is a better motivator to this discipline. My wife and I pass these out individually and in our teaching venues and will continue to do so. Thank you Wayne Cordeiro for taking the time to document your experiences with this devotion. It is the solution to personal failure and fruitful success in the Christian life. Robin J. Wood Modesto, California
Countess Plays in the Rain
Janet (Bloomington, IL) 9/1/2009 11:11 AM
If you have been struggling with daily Bible reading this book is so for you! Pastor Wayne brings it all together and drops it in your lap. My Bible has come to life for me. This is not drudgery, it is exciting. I have never been so grateful and joyful of heart than I am today.
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