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A Life Lesson from Absalom: A Case of Unforgiveness

Price: $4.00
Series: Indispensable Life Lessons
Format: CD
Sometimes the stories of the Bible sound like modern day soap operas. The difference they're all true! This message brings a life lesson to us, on unforgiveness and its destructive power, through the story of Absalom. Before learning what is so dangerous about unforgiveness, three things that forgiveness is not are covered. Forgiveness does not mean an injustice has not taken place nor does it mean that in giving in you are passive or that you have compromised righteousness. Unforgiveness, on the other hand, is especially dangerous for three reasons. 1. It can block God's plans. 2. It can imprison your past. 3. It makes you like the one you cannot forgive. Pastor Wayne gives us in-depth insight into each of these areas and suggest that we choose forgiveness as a non-negotiable option.

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